Return Instructions

According to the, if you want to exchange the product, you have to return it first and then place a new order. Please attach the withdrawal form to the package, which can be downloaded here. All items must be unworn and returned in the original box. Attach the return template to the parcel, otherwise the return will not be accepted. We should receive the package in unimpaired condition, so pack the product in the same box you received it. All it takes is to rip off the tape and you can send the product back in the same box it came. You can return the order up to 14 working days since the date of delivery. Make sure that the box is secured in such a way it will not be damaged. Otherwise, it may not be accepted in the process of the refund.


· Butyjana box

· the material to fill the box, e.g. paper or buble wrap

· sticky tape

· scissors

· Don’t wrap up the original box of the product with the sticky tape (concerns footwear).
· Don’t stick the return label directly on the original box of the product (concerns footwear).

The parcel should be send back to:

Butyjana sp. z o.o.
Zarzecze 65
36-041 Boguchwała

You can’t track your order?

If your order status has not changed for 5 business days and the delivery company didn’t contact you, please contact us. This is the quickest way to check the location of your package and, if needed, instruct to look for it.

Where will you receive your refund?

Depending on the original form of payment, the refund will be credited the same way. If you paid for the order via bank transfer, the refund will be returned on the bank account indicated in the Declaration of the withdrawal. If you paid for the order via, the money will be refunded via this platform.